When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

Well, in Long Island, NY, they do cardgames — in Filipino diasporas, at least.

The national pinoy cardgame, Tong-its, reigns in the Siton household. But since we dipped our amateur hands in the roundtable, another ubiquitous cardgame commenced:


If connecting domino tiles (or dots) is for kids, playing pekwa is for adults. It's darn easy. Just throw in the sixes and drop the rest in numeric and type order. First to finish wins and gets to keep the pot of bets. A bet is worth a dollar. So, the more players, the bigger the cash pot. It's easy cash for the cash-strapped winner and a small-time gamble for the willing loser.

It is fun and kills time in an entertaining way.

Two things that bug me, though.

One, playing pekwa hits me with the realization that I am getting old. Yes, my nagging pet-peeve and frustration is in cardgames as well! I remember having Sunday lunches in our Don Antonio backyard with my cousins and immediate relatives. After every hearty lunch, me and my cousins would rent a video or play some silly backyard games while my mom and other adults play, well, pekwa for hours. At P10 per round, the winner rakes in moolah with a few pesos to spare for a half-gallon ice cream for after-dinner dessert. With money as bets and a curse or two flying in between games, we were off limits the pekwa roundtable. And with me now cozily seated in the roundtable, it's hard to dodge the age issue. I'm turning 27 this year (okay, 28!) and to hold and throw cards and be in the game are like rubbing salt in a gangrened wound (Ouch!).

But I think as long as we win, age becomes an oversight šŸ™‚

The thing is, two, it's difficult to win. We're surrounded by cardgame hustlers! Yes, we win games but lose as much. It bugs me in a competitive way. Playing with the Sitons is a challenge, especially if we have limited bucks to bet with.

Well, we're new in the game. I suppose we'll play better and in a more gung-ho fashion in the long run… Mwahahaha (sinister laugh!)