God I am turning lazier by the day.

Laid back is too kind, lethargic is so-so, indolent is a bit harsh, and sloth is an overkill a word to describe my state-of-being of late. Lazy is okay, albeit lethal if unchecked.

I wake up way late. Eleven is my clock's number and brunch is my menu in the morning. I lounge around in my peejays 'til about three, either surfing or glued on TV in between, and killing time on the internet to call my day busy.

And to think I am in New-happening-York!

Okay, so I am on vacation. I am licensed to be lazy. But duh! not to a brink of self destruction (eyes rolling here)!

I have my thesis and my grad school application to keep my ass busy with and so far, I have not made any progress at all in both endeavors.

And New York's weather is not of help these days either. Sun's almost a no-show and winter chill justifies my jetlag and bed heating (not warming) — I haven't even been to the city yet, can you imagine?!?!

To make matters worst, my diet's a wreck! My calorie and carb intake is on an all time high and my exercise routine is postponed and on a cob-webbed closet. I have ranted on this in my previous blog but I need to rant on it again like an incessant hammer bang on a non-budging nail.

Yes, I am Juan Tamad in the flesh!

But what I really dread is to walk and see people gawk at me in disgust as if I have a large post-it on my forehead that says Loser! or Bum & Proud Of It like a twisted scene plucked from a Twilight Zone rerun. Just a while back, I drove to Dunkin Donuts and Wendys in a worn-out gym pants, a creased white shirt, and a pair of slippers. I could have been more creative with a gin bottle on one hand and a stolen grocery push cart on the other to pass as a homeless prick, but, nah! I won't push and make pun of myself. Not in New York! I still have a half bloated pride in tact.

Call this an excuse but I am just waiting for good ol' muse to push (no, shove is the word) me to write, and write more. Seriously, I need to get started on my thesis… and believe me, there's no room for anything lazy to beat its deadline soon.

But, for now, I need to take a shower. It's 4 pm. I itch. Now, if I could just lift my ass off this chair…. argh! God, I AM lazy!