Snowtubing. Snow what? I hit the wall thinking what winter thrill snowtubing exactly brings. For me, it's difficult to pluck pleasure from any activity on ice since taking (and eventually dropping out from) ice skating as a PE course in UP back in '98. Man, my butt must've developed several calluses hitting the ice floor hard many times over. After that, I swore no more ice skating. Bowling was a lot more fun!

So, back to snow tubing. It's like skiing down an icy slope using a round rubber lifesaving raft. First try was a great plunge, like a dive from a rollercoaster without the straps. Second try was with G. Third and last was a solo plunge — not as thrilling as the first but still a heck of a gripping ride. A few hitches, though: One, like any lifesaver, there's a hole in the middle. One's butt thus pokes in the hole. The hitch is the plunge itself with the butt coursing through the icy slope (Yes, wet and chilled). Two, the long queues to get to the top of the hill. Waiting is a drag in any given time; Imagine waiting in freezing cold. Climbing the hill as alternative to waiting in line was not a good idea, either — not with rubbershoes instead of boots on and the 50lb lifesaver to pull up. It turned out like a drill in military school than a time-saving effort.

Three, the price. It's not a cheap thrill, mind you. US$16 for a couple of hours plus US$20 gas to and fro Long Island and food.

Four, unforseen instances (read: misfortunes). Getting caught overspeeding on the freeway, for one. Running 80kph on a 65kph minimum speed is not that bad. Unless, of course, a laser-equipped mobile patrol catches you. It's not entirely my fault; I was just tailing a friend's car — a convoy, if you will. Well, not good enough an excuse, though. Still, at least I got to prove the international driver's license I got from Manila wasn't fake or anything 😉

Overall, the weekend on ice experience was a welcome delight. Cool is an understatement; Fantastic is best to describe the trip.