So how did it finally feel to watch the Oscars from beginning to end without the dreaded commercials and delays courtesy of Channel 9? Ho-hum, highly overrated.

Where do I begin?!?! Argh! First off, the performances were a bore. Beyonce is, well, bootilicious on MTV, but in the Oscars? I'm no expert in fashion but without the hip-high slits, see-through fabrics, eye-popping bust lines and cleavages, and butt hugging clothes, I'd rather wait and see an NFL half time show where the likelihood of a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction is high than see stars in classy gowns and borrowed blings in Oscars. And why, oh why should Beyonce sing thrice? Don't they have anybody else? It was like watching those Sunday noontime variety shows seeing the same singers belting out songs for more than two hours. Pure overkill!

Next, the winners. Too predictable. No surprises. In a time when upsets were badly expected, the academy voted by the book. Hillary Swank, yet again? Manong Clint Eastwood over Martin Scorsese? Come on! What's wrong with you people?!?! They might as well let Leonardo DiCaprio win!

Then there was Chris Rock. This guy is funny but come Oscar night, he was reduced to a teleprompt reader delivering jokes as stiff as the Oscar statue itself. Good ol' Jeremy Irons took Chris' job more seriously when he delivered his impromptu "I hope they missed" line after a loud thud backstage. I vote for Jimmy Fallon as next year's host.

Ho-hum, really.

I should've opted to watch reruns instead. Or, if I were in Manila, Channel 9's commercials were probably more entertaining than the show itself…