No bonnet, scarf, gloves, not even thermal underwear on a 2-degree celsius Thursday night stroll in Times Square.

What can I say? I was underdressed, unprepared for a night out with G and friends. Not that I am particular about what I wear (okay, I do but not all the time!) but today we were supposed to just do research for thesis in Queens Library. No reason to wear anything fancy, unless of course I'm into four-eyed, cranky librarians.

The library was huge — eight story high to be exact. In the library (and I am going to drop this line in the most non-nerdish kind of way), the books were overwhelming. It was like stepping in Borders and browsing through hardbound covered, first edition books while seated in a cozy couch, sipping a hot cup of coffee with piped-in Norah Jones-type of music for the first time without the constant guilt, fear, and dodge from civilian bouncers like in National Bookstore. So it wasn't at all bad to fit in a shirt and long-sleeved crew, jeans, sneakers, and a winter jacket (that went on sale for $30 in Japan). The library was warm, tropical-temperatured anyway. A sweatdrop even trickled while snaking through the huge labyrinth of bookshelves.

So it was a surprise to step out and find our bones-shivering, teeth-chattering selves running towards the car, parked sadistically a block away from the front door. It was like under a hard gush of cold shower on a Monday morning.

After a heavy dinner at this Mexican diner in Queens, we thought having being stuffed and full would help keep us warm with the plan to stroll in the city. We thought wrong. At least (and good for) G, there were spare girlie jackets and gloves in the car's trunk. I had to go through with the plan as lightly dressed as in the library. Brrrr. And to think there wasn't even a trickle of snow in the chilly air!

Well, Times Square is still Times Square. Flashy, crowded, busy, dirty, and breath taking — at least for us who study in a bucolic, ho-hum, hilly kind of town called Beppu, Japan. So we took pictures, and more pictures. And, perhaps, even to the untrained eyes, I'd still look cold and blue, like that naked guy crazily fishing on a frozen lake in the new Subway TV ad.

Yes, the pictures were not worth developing or posting in friendster (which, insanely is a factor to consider these days when popping the cam, 'di ba?) 😉

Anyway, the moral of the day is to bring an extra jacket and/or a cap in lieu of an umbrella in winter. Especially, most especially when going out to a famous spot. Otherwise, taking pictures or sightseeing itself would end up futile.