Snow fell pretty hard early this week. Last week's snow storm of sorts was supposed to be Winter's last hurrah and a welcome segue to Spring, but with this week's snowfall, I doubt if that transition will come any sooner.

Snow hit hard that classes and work were suspended Tuesday. Five inch snow made roads and pavements slippery. Silly me, I went out to help park the car wearing slippers! First step was a cool squish on the snow covered driveway — the slipperprints were actually cute — but having a pair of cold and wet feet afterwards was anything but cool (or cute).

The heater was slow, too. We were on suspended chill for a few longer hours before warm air finally kicked steadily in. Now I know how it feels to thaw.

And then there was lunch today.

Mornings after a snowfall are usually a panorama to behold but unparking a car is upsetting an effort to carry out. We were supposed to eat out for lunch but the car wouldn't budge out from the snowy quarry it found itself in. I pounded hard on the gas pedal as the tires skidded on stubborn and icy ground. I looked stupid. And the neighbors probably thought so too.

And so we ended up phoning for a pizza. Medium sized, thin crust, with cheddar cheese, beef, and mushrooms on top. For all that, the bill went up to US$15! Man, that was one expensive pizza. All the more reason why this week's snowfall was an unwelcome occurence…

Well if weather forecast tomorrow is to expect by (Partly Cloudy, 25F), there wouldn't be much to do but stay indoors, sleep longer, surf TV, and hope for clear skies and sun the next day.