Some say it is ominous; others say it means fortune.

Well, today, G and I are turning 6. Officially 6 years as a couple and 8 years as best friends. That's an entire phase in primary school; Or Med school altogether! Imagine that.

And in those years, we managed to discover each other's likes and dislikes. G likes tea over milk. She's lactose intolerant, which is half true with her appetite on cheese and ice cream. She'd rather wash the dishes than cook one. She's into dancing and bowling but hates to break a sweat. She's punctual and intolerates tardiness (unless of course it's me and my long list of excuses). She likes to watch animals, wild ones even, but cringes at rats and anything that crawls. She likes her egg sunny side-up and considers bacon as dinner. And if you happen to bring her to a karaoke parlor, she'd readily look for and sing Disney's Part of Your World and Sharon Cuneta's Bituing Walang Ningning.

Oh, and she's into pink these days but green is really her favorite color.

Today is not as before when flowers, cards, and expensive dinners are in the day's itinerary. Not that we've grown tired of celebrating anniversaries, I mean 6 years is a feat! We're just hanging out together and enjoying simple pleasures here in NY. And maybe, tomorrow or the next, we'll go on a date and reminisce how 6 is more of fortune and blessings than anything ominous.

Happy Anniversary!