Putting Morgan Spurlock's edifying docu Super Size Me aside, honestly, fast food is, and will always be, a part of everybody's life. It is convenient, always available, and affordable without the usual hassles of cooking, baking, or any activity inside a kitchen.

In one of those lazy afternoons, G and I ate snacks at a Burger King joint after spending long a time in a local Borders bookstore and came up with a list of fast food items that fit right in our pop culture-doused palate. Turns out we have our own preferences (save for a couple):

Favorite Cheeseburger
D & G: Tropical Hut cheeseburger. No other burger beats the classic.

Favorite Fries
D: KFC. I like my fries thick.
G: Twister Fries and Mc Shaker (McDee's) and Potato Fries

Favorite Chicken
D & G: Jollibee Chicken Joy and gravy overload!

Favorite Ice Cream
D: Wendy's Frosty or McFlurry Butterfinger (McDee's)
G: McFlurry M&Ms (McDee's)

Favorite Burger
D: Wendy's Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich or Burger King's Angus Ranch Double Beef Burger
G: McDee's McChicken Sandwich

Favorite Breakfast
D: McDee's Longganisa Meal. The egg is a bit overcooked but if you mash and mix it with the fried rice and put a squirt of ketchup… yumyum.
G: Jollibee's Longganisa Meal

Favorite Pizza and Pasta
D: Sbarro's Baked Ziti with white & meat sauces and chicken parmigiana or CPK's Fetuccini Alfredo (okay, that doesn't qualify as fast food)
G: Sbarro's white cheese pizza or Sbarro's Spaghetti with white sauce and chicken parmigiana

Favorite Dessert
D: Starbuck's Oreo cheesecake. It's a sin eating one (no sharing!).
G: Ube cake (Red Ribbon)

Favorite Drink Other Than Soda
D: Lemonade, preferrably bottomless.
G: Iced Tea and McFloat

Favorite Rice Meal Other Than Chicken
D: Salisbury Steak with mushroom gravy
G: Fried Bangus with vinegar (Red Ribbon)

Favorite Condiment Other Than Ketchup
D: Parmesan and Chili Powder
G: Mayonnaise (for my McDee's fries)

There ya go! Of course nothing is definite. Taste buds are a fickle lot and so, tomorrow we might have a new list (and another blog entry altogether)…