How to ever even begin this entry? There is just too much to rant about. An overwhelming animosity has reached a personal sore point against this woman.

And to even belabor and chew out a mouthful of grudge on my blogspace is already burning the candle at both ends or, in Pinoy vernacular, OA. The adage "Hate must make a man productive. Otherwise one might as well love," is spoken true. This hate blog entry is me being productive.

C'mon, save for her mother, who doesn't hate Kris Aquino?!?!

How many moms have passed on the advice, "If you dislike something that is not good, avoid it"? Well, my mom did but Kris Aquino is just friggin' everywhere! She has splurgely personified pop culture with TV programs, movies, commercials, billboards, newspaper articles, gossip columns, product endorsements, websites, and host of other stuff that has her face or name on it. She is like a shirt stain that won't wash off or a misspelled tattooed word on a bare arm. She is Jolina Magdangal on a higher peeve degree.

I would've happily avoided her omnipresence overseas but no thanx to TFC.

And so having to sit beside G yesterday watching the equally irksome showbiz program Buzz, there she was, in all her self-serving and snooty self, talking at length about how pretty and poised she still appeared despite being sick for two days and undergoing treatment in a local hospital a day prior (gee, how cute! too much lipo, perhaps).

Well, however popular she may get; however endless the endorphins she may derive from flaunting her IQ, Kris Aquino will always be that botoxed, liposucked, nose-lifted, boob-enlarged, balls-crushing, screaming, Carlo-J-Caparas bimbo-slash-bitch who falls for old, balding, and ugly men (dont quote me though. I cant afford lawyers).

What is more disturbing — heck, even perilous — are individuals glorifying Kris Aquino to a dangerous point of idolatry. Imagine young girls molding their lives as future Kris Aquinos in-waiting! Whatever happened to following the ideal pursuits of Salonga, Yorac, Nicolas-Lewis, Natori, Magsaysay-Ho, Rosales, Hagedorn, Pedrosa, or even the other Aquino? Come on, are we supposed to let someone whose best book ever read was Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline lord over our lives almost 24/7?

Let's raise the bar a little higher, please.

Am I right or am I right? Corrrreeeeeect!!!