Easter. Christ has risen from the dead and redeemed mankind. Men were freed from sins and began a new life.New life. It has a nice ring to it, like a reprieve for a man on deathrow.

I had a made over this week that harbingered an improved me come Easter. I had a haircut Monday; Gone with the old, long hair and hello to a short-cropped, wash-and-wear hairstyle. I confess, I hate having a haircut. It is a risky process with a relative outcome. Worst part is, one is compelled to give tips as if to abet malpractice among barbers. But Monday, I had no complains. After a 10-minute, 12-dollar (plus 3-dollar tip) process, I was driving home with a new look and a satisfied grin on my face.

Then came today. Early today I shaved my goatee off. It was a crucial decision, mind you. I kinda got the hang of the image I was trying to wear: dangerously gwapo (okay, modesty is a virtue I need to learn yet) with the goatee and all. Besides, I grew fond of the protruding goatee strands (heck, I even shampoo and comb 'em). But with my long hair cut short, the goatee seemed out of place and out of character already. Thus the shave off.

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked, well, different — in a good way, of course. The image was a 90s flashback and I liked what I saw (vanity aside).

For the Easter Mass, I opted to tuck my polo shirt. It has been years since the last time I tucked a shirt in a pair of pressed jeans, and today was a good time for a comeback. All was clean and simple.

However superficial the self-improvements are, in analysis, I was going back to basics; to things that were and things that are supposed to be. However hard I try, I'll never be able to shrug off my good-guy persona. No goatee or long hair or leather pants and boots on a Harley me can do so.

This Easter, I took the new out and brought the old in to begin a new me.