Today's May 1.

It's Labor Day weekend in the Philippines. But since I've postponed my career for scholastic pursuits in Japan, there's no point celebrating just yet.

May is a hot month in the Philippines. Pool excursions and out-of-town trips are part of the month's itinerary. Actually, any activity within the confines of anything cool (i.e. pools, beaches, airconditioned malls, movie theaters, get the drift?) is worth involving oneself into.

G and I went to a friend's province down south once and dipped and swam into a virgin river for hours only to find an old man bathing his pet horse upstream (Ah, natural mane and tale shampoo and conditioner!).

May is also the time to visit old relatives living in equally old houses canopied by fruit-bearing trees, inhabited by farm animals, and colonized by blood-sucking mosquitoes. Sleepovers are usually a bore. Curfew is at 9, TV reception is poor, and sari-sari stores close at 7. Food, though, is a plenty. Rice cakes are a daily fare and lechon is served for lunch.

Picnics and barbecue parties are also May events. Kids get to run around parks or backyards playing pretend-games while grown ups busy themselves with grilling porkchops and hotdogs, playing cardgames, and fanning their sweaty temples and armpits with ripped biscuit carton scraps.

Ah, I miss May in the Philippines. I miss being a kid, too.

Well, incidentally, theme parks open in May here in the US. I guess I'll get to be a kid again, at least for the entire month of May…