The printed photos look nice.

I’m on my 19th printout and, at this rate, I fear I’ll run short of colored ink soon.

The photos are inserts to the mother’s day cards I plan to send tomorrow for my mom and sister. And while printing, I get to recollect the moments captured digitally on camera. One picture shows me smiling while driving along the freeway to Virginia. The smile was not fake. I was giddy to go camping and see the sights outside the tri-county area of New York. But if it was taken during the trip back home, I’d probably be faking it. I was deadbeat driving. My right leg was numb and lifeless-like as it hit the gas pedal for six straight hours.

Another one shows me and G pitching tent: I, getting busy hammering the peg while G, showing off the tent like Vanna White displaying the solved Wheel of Fortune puzzle. Save for a big downpour in Day 1, the tent was cozy a space to sleep into for the 2-night camping.

I also have some showing me and G toasting marshmallows on a bonfire. What the photos don't show is the tedious time putting up the bonfire with kerosene on, as we soon figured out, moist-wet chopped logs.

There are several photos taken from a stroll in Virginia Beach Pier. The beach photos look nice as we, in boardshorts, stand on the sandy shore with the Atlantic Ocean in full view. One picture, however, shows how bad the weather that day was: dark rain clouds hovering in the horizon. No chance to swim, unless we wanted to die from the chilly winds and waters. Brrrrr!

Taking a detour in Washington, D.C. we ended up taking more photos in landmarks such as Jefferson Library, Smithsonian Institute, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill, and the White House. If pictures can only talk, they would probably say: That's not the White House, idiots! as we pose on the Capitol Hills steps.

And if we kept clicking the camera away when we arrived in New York at 2 in the morning, I might be printing pictures showing weary, haggard-looking, and dog-tired excursionists eager to sleep the entire trip away.