Let's be honest. Friendster is a good chore. For many, a daily one at that. Addictive it has become.

Logging in enables one to check out how friends and relatives are.

But what I really like about Friendster is its function to kill time, especially when I am dead-bored and stranded in, say, an airport terminal or taking time out from whatever work that I am hell-bent busy with.

Boredom is a personal peeve.

It lets my mind wander aimlessly about like a poet in a mid afternoon Chemistry class.

When I am bored, I busy myself reading practically anything I can glue my eyes on. And so browsing through my Friendster today and finding no messages or new friend requests, I found one column on the right side of my PC monitor with the banner saying: Popular Network Searches.

Intrigued, I scrolled down to see what my friends are googling for these days; what's in, what's hip, and what's hot.

Surprise! Surprise!

The 10 popular searches in my network reads: (1) Filipina Babes, (2) Sunshine Cruz video, (3) Bold Filipina, (4) Body Language Flirting, (5) Cute Japanese Girls, (6) Love Spells, (7) Latest Nokia Phones, (8) True Love Quiz, (9) Asian Biker Babes and, (10) Viva Hot Babes.

Save for popular search number 7, all are treading on perversion and sexual delinquency.

Plus, I didn't know the word 'babes' is popular, let alone sexy.

Ah, perhaps the list reflects the end result of my network of friends being schooled in Catholic all-boys insititutions (okay, I was, too). All the sexual inhibitions finally let loose (and brought into the realm of technology) like newly-wounded cacti in a year-round dry desert.

Well, that's just a theory.

Perhaps the list is just random. Maybe a webmaster's malpractice or perverse contrivance, even.

In any case I get bored again and see the same list of popular searches, I'll probably check it out and see how my network has become a Pervster instead.