My trip back to Japan was haphazardly moved to an earlier date due to a training I need to attend over the first June weekend. Plans for the Memorial Day weekend were scaled down to accommodate changes in the travel itinerary. And because it was a holiday weekend in the US, G and I had to content ourselves being listed as standby passengers given the heavy flow of holiday travelers.

If past trips were to consult by, we were sure to miss the ideal flight and get stranded for a day or two before finally securing plane seats. Luck seems to dodge us on occasions when we travel that (again, if past trips were to consult by) we lose track of our luggage, get short of moolah, run out of cheap hotel rooms, or find ourselves locked out from an airport (Fukuoka!). Moments like these are primarily the bases why this blog was aptly christened as The Adventures of D&G.

But wonder of wonders, we got on the first flight to Japan; luck empathized and had a change of heart.

It was a welcome relief, indeed. But after 18 hours on board a plane, we still had to go through the motions indentured to living in bucolic Beppu. We took another two hours by plane to Fukuoka, then a couple more on bus, and finally a seven-minute cab ride to our apartment. All in all, an entire day was spent on traveling. Whew!

Phsyically dead-beat and energy-deficient, here I am detailing the day's experience in the hope of exorcising whatever travel pains left. Praying too, the next travel wouldn't be as exacting as the last.