G and I are engaged!

Although momentous, this development was welcomed by most family and friends as highly overdue and anticlimactic.

Not too surprising.

G and I have been a pair for six years since our film school days in Manila. We both worked in Public Relations for two years before spending three years studying (yet again!) in Japan. Six years is quite considerable a number for people to expect nothing less than marriage or engagement even. Six years is quite considerable a number for a couple to dismiss and end up disengaged and unwed. Well, we live up to such expectations and we don't dismiss a single day spent together. We put premium on marriage and the sanctity that goes with it. Of course marriage is more a social caprice or prerogative than a social requirement or responsibility these days but the sucker for social conformity and convention overwhelms the avant-gard and cosmopolitan in us.

And so after a year of plotting a proposal worth remembering – nothing ostentatious but at least teeming with brilliance – I finally popped the question, in Times Square no less. OK, so the place wasn’t exactly brilliant – some might regard it as something short of mediocrity – but I believe the moment was there. It was supposed to be in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on her birthday but a month’s delay and a change of venue didn’t diminish the intention and purpose, at least in my book.

It may not be surprising to others (I imagine eyes rolling and a nonchalant 'Finally!' expression here), but nothing beats the experience of devising a grand plan, buying an expensive ring (albeit cash-strapped), conspiring with relatives and friends to finally ask the right person to marry and spend a lifetime of bliss and surprises with.

Engaged, at last! Overdue? yes. Anticlimactic? yes. Surprising? I say yes, too — for us both and the years ahead. Kampai!