I unknot the strings of my PJs while I open my bedroom door to psych my contracting bladder wall that I am heeding its nagging (and waking) call. I am pissed, pun intended. I say OK, OK, I'm off to the toilet! As I turn the knob and pull the door, I start to squint my eyes bracing them from my pitch-dark bedroom to the usual bright, sunlit living room.

The door flings open. I stop squinting. It's still dark. I check the time: 8AM.


I walk towards the window pressing my you-know-what from exploding, half expecting to see an element that resembles something close to any Spielberg or Shyamalan movie. The window glass is misty, so I give it a quick rub with my other hand. And there it is: A wide blanket of snow on rooftops, pavements, trees, posts, vacant lots, and the entire neighborhood!

I don't know how others feel, but seeing snow is a fascination G and I relish. Perhaps because we were both raised in tropical Manila that expecting and experiencing snow are affairs we earnestly take interest in. On our first winter day years back, we posed in every snowy nook and wearied the camera and tolerated the usual encumbrances of chapped lips, dry skin, and numbed jaws from the winter cold.

Today, it snows. And I say a warm hello! to the start of winter.

Time to ready the camera and poses; Time to pull out the thick blankets, heavy coats, scarfs, jackets, mittens, and bonnets; Time to turn up the heater and put the airconditioners and fans in the closet; Time to think of Christmas and the holiday season, and; (taking cue from my bladder-in-protest) Time to rush to the toilet and relieve myself…