It's Christmas eve. And to put a tmesis between Christmas and eve (eg freakin', bloody, f*!?ed-up, or any reviling or blasphemous word that comes to mind) to describe the present state of preparedness for the coming holiday wouldn't help the situation at all.

This blog, for instance, is unattended for weeks: drafts to post, entries to write, messages to read.

Orlando. I haven't written anything about my recent trip with G in Florida. That tops my blog-to-write backlog. Screw the backlog. Here's the gist. Went to Orlando, gray skies, cloudy weather, bunked in an old and cheap Holiday Inn, wearied ourselves in themeparks, blew our brains out from barf-inducing rides, fed ourselves with burgers and chinese (stuck needles of cholesterol is more like it), went wild and carnal, left broke and sick. Whew!

Oh, and a plane crashed in Miami while we were about to take-off. That really capped our weekend trip.

And so, here I am, back in NY (tmesis applicable: happening). Christmas tree is out, spruced and lit up. Snow is absent, odd as it may read. Malls are packed; parking spaces becoming rare.

Speaking of malls, I just came from one and people are everywhere. Lines knot into restrooms, and I am talking about toilets for men here! Same is true with cash counters and fitting rooms. Shopping. It's a curse. Unforgiveable, too. You lose money and tire yourself crazy.

Ah, Christmas postcards! Unsigned and unsent, still. I reckon, by the time it reaches a friend, it would be Easter already. Go ahead, blame it on procrastination. I know I will.

We're having grilled sirloin steaks for the Christmas eve dinner. That's something to look forward to, yeah? That might have to wait. G and I are still wrapping gifts. Last-minute, I know. Again, procrastination. Pinoy kasi!

OK, enough musings (and irregular sentences). Work! Work! Work! The house is a mess! Wrappers, receipts, plastic bags, adhesive tapes, scissors, and chips are taking over the living room floor. Jesus Christ! (Happy Birthday, by the way). Merry Christmas!