On my way to a drive-thru at McDees for another unoriginal breakfast, I tuned in to this FM station that features a Stupid News segment in its morning program. This segment, among other equally outrageous ones, chronicles recent events that people would find, well, stupid. One of the news that stood out was a cooperative in Indiana selling politically-correct labeled pastries with the Gingerbread Man becoming the Gingerbread Person.

Trivial? Yes. Stupid? No.

I say trivial because renaming the Gingerbread was all too forthcoming. In fact, it was done a bit late. Anyone would've expected it to happen soon, what with the political-correctness campaign turning into a movement of sorts in the 1990s. And we are, after all, living in a politically-correct, gender-sensitive, non-discriminating world — or atleast attempt and aspire to. Surely, Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks didn't die famous for nothing; Surely, Judith Butler's or Gloria Steinem's books aren't just chick lits. They stand for something significant; True testaments of change, of something progressive.

The Gingerbread Person today may tickle and stretch one's sense of humor or strike one's fancy on semantics but at the end of the day, it is the Gingerbread Man no more. Gingerbread Person… yeah, it does sound progressive.