Ever wake up and stare blankly on whatever image your eyes first lay sight on? And when consciousness finally kicks in, do you start to actually read or make sense of whatever thing your eyes have lingered too long on?

Well, I did. My eyes got fixed on my pillow's tag that read: Made In China.

Strange as it seems, but those three words set the tone of my day (of my entire vacation, perhaps).

I had soya bean curd (taho) for breakfast, rice cake (tikoy, a Chinese New Year treat) for morning snack, sweet and sour pork for lunch, and a halo-halo (shave ice with fruit bits) for afternoon snack at a faux Chinese fast food joint. On top of these, while I was on my way to a dinner with friends at (guess no more) a popular uptown Chinese restaurant, the car radio blared Wishful Thinking by the 80s pop band China Crisis (too much, I know!).

God almighty, everything's Chinese!

I tell you, it's a grand conspiracy. The Chinese are staging a great global invasion. And this is shrewdly happening under the very nose of modern day superpowers, i.e. the US, Britain, and Japan. Those in the academe and into trade and economics are deeply sucked into this phenomenon, juncture, or whatever appropriate word that may describe this development. The idiom China Syndrome has been redefined and, for all we know, there may just be a movement out there imploring for the advancement of this Chinese invasion — regardless of China's GDP performance — collectively chanting something like:

Thank you China!
Thank you chow mein and beef broccoli
Thank you cheap labor
Thank you cheap products and knockoffs
Thank you Yao Ming
Thank you China!

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the Chinese. I don't intend to antagonize a future master, or a race that can generate earthquakes and bury civilizations with a series of simultaneous jumping jacks. Hell, no!

Truth is, to show I'm all for anything Chinese, I'm set to spend a weekend in Disneyland… Hong Kong. Thank you, China indeed!