It took an aspiring underdog to defeat a hotshot bully.

The Dallas Mavericks eclipsed Phoenix Suns in Game 6 (102-93) yesterday to win the NBA Western Conference Finals, 4-2.

German import Dirk Nowitzki rallied the Mavericks offense (a 12-0 run at the start of 4th!) and instensified its defense against a Steve Nash-led second half threat-of-a-comeback and finally ensured the Texas franchise of its first NBA Finals appearance.

California perhaps finds this development as a sweet revenge of sorts after Phoenix Suns railroaded the sunny state's chances of a Finals berth with its early Playoffs wins against Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may have dropped his signature line 'Hasta La Vista, Baby!' to Phoenix Suns after Josh Howard sank a three that pushed the lead back to ten with less than two minutes remaining in the 4th. The game was thus sealed in favor of Dallas.

And so the NBA Finals begin Thursday with the Dallas Mavericks playing against Miami Heat. Interesting match. Duo versus duo. Nowitzki-Howard versus O'Neal-Wade.

No underdogs or bullies this time around. The playing field is leveled.

No Raja Bell and his notorious clothesline fouls; No Steve Nash and his superstar to-a-fault-offense; No Suns, at last. Period.