What is going on?!?!

There is no letting up in the mideast conflict between Israel and Lebanon, a conflict that began mid July; a conflict that, at the rate Israel is advancing without any intervention from superpower allies such as the US and UK, might linger a long while. And a conflict on top of the current crises in Iraq and Iran.

And today, Scotland Yard announced the capture of 21 suspects believed to be terrorists out to replicate, if not, outdo 9/11’s horrors with a grand plot to carry and detonate liquid explosives over transatlantic planes from London to key US cities.

Whatever happened to the concept of world peace? Is it exclusively confined to question-and-answer portion of beauty pageants these days?

Crap. Why can’t everyone be like Cat Stevens?

Seriously, what’s going on?

What’s up, civilization?

World War III?